From Field to Farm ... the BRUNS Way.

Our gravity bins heavy-duty under chassis allows you to haul more grain further and easier. And simple features work on your behalf…The innovative, sturdy bin design has no annoying inside ledges where grain waits to mix with your next crop. See at a glance what’s left to unload with the handy bin windows on either side of the bin door. Make use of the bin ladder on the outside and the inside for easy access. Or add an auger kit for the ultimate in portable loading.

The BRUNS Difference

Bruns, MFG is a gravity bin wagon manufacturer located in Wallenstein Ontario, an area famous for its solid farming heritage. Bruns builds on that heritage, and today we’re building durable, time-proven gravity bins that are used by farmers across North America. Bruns bins are ruggedly designed to withstand farm use and abuse. In short, they’re farmer friendly. From field to Farm…the Bruns way


Horst or Martin Wagons heavy duty wagons.

Light Kit

Be seen after dusk with a Bruns light kit.

Small Bin Door

Start unloading grain easier.

Divider Option

Start unloading grain easier.

Sizes Available:

Colours Available: